Sunday, August 29, 2010


There are people in Second Life that LOVE to shop. I’m not one of those people. For example, I’ve worn the same cargo shorts and flip flops for about the last three years. I do change my shirt occasionally, but for the most part, I’m pretty much a fashion disaster. I went against my nature yesterday when I decided to try the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.

I was looking through the Showcase tab under Search when I happened to see it under the Featured Events section. I thought to myself, “I like zombies (who doesn’t), I like popcorn, this sounds kind of fun.” So off I went to check it out.

I checked in at the Zombie Popcorn Sim to register and get started. I learned that I would need to search for bags of popcorn (with the prize inside) located in stores throughout the grid. When I joined the group, I was given a note card with store landmarks and cryptic clues on where to find the popcorn bags in each store.

Now prior to this, I have only done one other hunt. It was a fishing hunt where you simply followed the Landmarks to stores and cast your 7Seas fishing rod into a small pond in the store. You usually got the prize within 2 or 3 casts. This hunt was much different, on this hunt you had to actually SEARCH the store. Some of the popcorn bags were in really obscure locations in the stores.  I’m not a patient person, by about the 5th store I was becoming frustrated. I’m not the most observant person, and this hunt showed me unobservant I really am.

I was on the verge of giving up entirely when I happened to run into Rain, a fellow Zombie hunter. She was nice enough to complement me on my blog (I put the URL in my profile), and I complemented her on her pointy ears.

Rain and I began to work together to find those gawd-damn bags of popcorn. It’s was at this point that the hunt became fun for me. Rain was pretty good at finding the popcorn bags, I think her pointy ears had some kind of radar ability that we regular eared people lack. We continued hunting together and chatting and having a good time, when we bumped into Soreena.  That's her in the green.

Soreena had done the hunt before and was helping a friend of hers find the bags. Rain and I joined her and her friend, and we became a pack of Zombie Hunters. With Soreenas guidance, we moved swiftly from store to store, scooping up bags of prize filled popcorn. Some die-hard hunters would call this cheating, I call it preserving my sanity.

Sometimes we did the happy danced to celebrate finding a popcorn bag.

But all good things must come to an end, Soreena had to leave us to go to a Second Life wedding, Our group kind of fell apart after that. I ended up finishing the hunt alone… well, finishing is too strong a word. I ended up following the landmarks to each store and only searching for the prize if I liked what I saw there. I skipped handbag stores and  ladies clothing stores, and the like on the second stage of my hunt.

I did find a couple cool stores that I'm plan on returning to. I think my favorite store was [Name Pending], that’s the actual name of the store, where I got my cool Zombie Girl T-Shirt.

There were several good prizes, more guys stuff than I thought there would be. But the real prize I received was the making of new friends like Rain and Soreena, and the fun I had along the way.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an ass load of popcorn bags to unpack.

Zombie Hunter Jon

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