Thursday, August 26, 2010


One of the great things about Second Life, is the ability to relive parts of our childhood. This takes many forms. Some people choose to spend their time inworld as a child AV (creepy!). Others play dress up with their AV’s, I’ve heard more than one person refer to Second Life as “Barbie’s for adults”. As for myself, I like going to places that I always wanted to visit as a kid…places like Bedrock!

You cant imagine my surprise and joy when Melian TP’d me to Bedrock. As the world came into focus, I was transported back to a time when girls had cooties, (some still do), soccer was the only thing worth talking about, and my bedtime was 8:30. I spent a lot of time in front of the tube watching Fred and Barney get in and out of trouble, and now I was getting the chance to visit them.

We hopped in the flying saucer for a quick tour of bedrock. I highly recommend this first, it gives you a good idea of where everything is located.

Next we stopped by the Boutique to "go native”. I chose a Fred like tiger skin suit, while Melian went with a cheetah skin dress. She looks good as a naughty little cave-girl.

Now that we were dressed in our stone age outfits, it was time for some prehistoric activities… like Putt Putt. The controls took a little getting use to, but it was fun and challenging.

After Putt Putt, we took a little break to ride the Dino powered Ferris-wheel.

Then hit the Bedrock Bowl to knock down a few pins. If you can get a score of 100 or more, you win a cool prize.

If you want to try some prehistoric air travel, try the Bedrock Airport.

And to end our strenuous stone age day, we took a long relaxing soak in the Mud Spa.

I could have literally spent all day here, there’s also 7Seas fishing, a drive in movie, a well appointed dance floor, the Quarry where Fred works, Fred and Barney’s houses, the Bedrock Fire Station, Police Station, Water Buffalo meeting lodge. If you feel like driving from one spot to another, there are stone age vehicles that can be rezed for travel; but be careful… the sim in on a platform and its easy to drive off, like my friend (who shall remain nameless) did. There are also several hidden spots around Bedrock for you to explore. See if you can find them!

If you’re a Flintstones fan, this place is a must see!

Stone Age Jon

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