Friday, September 10, 2010

Diamond Dave's Ninja School

I know this blog is supposed to be about the people and places of Second Life. However, from time to time I’m going to post some First Life blogs. Sometimes you run across something that just cries out to be shared with the world. This is one of those times.

I apologize to my (three, now four.. yay!) readers that were expecting a Second Life blog, but sometimes you have to break the rules in order to serve the greater good.

Ladies, Gentlemen, I present to you… Diamond Dave's Ninja School.


Confucius said, “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.”

Jesus said, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

Diamond Dave said, “Don’t go Ninja’n nobody that don’t need Ninja’n.”

I think it’s pretty clear...the man is a prophet!

Yeah, I said it!

If you watched the video, then you should be fully aware of this fact.

Diamond Dave has been sent by the Ninja gods, to teach us the ways of the Holy Ninja!


Kneel and be guided by the holy ninja light that is Diamond Dave!

I’ll be starting a “Followers of Holy Ninja Master Diamond Dave” group in the not too distant future.

IM me if you wish to join.

Ninja (Judie-Chop) Jon

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuneiras West Farm

When you hear the word “farm”, you don’t immediately think, “That sounds like a great place for a romantic getaway.” In most cases you would be correct. But in the case of Tuneiras West Farm, you would be wrong.

To say this sim is beautiful would be an understatement.

Parts of the sim are reminiscent of the places you might find on the back roads of the Texas countryside, minus the mountains in the background. I was particularly reminded of this when looking at the old farm houses that are scattered throughout the sim. To call then abandoned seems too harsh a word. I prefer to think of them as in a state of artistic decay, a natural part of the landscape.

There are several picturesque vistas with a small deck built in, where you can enjoy the view as you dance with that special someone.

Cuddle poses and intan dance balls are scattered throughout the sim, and there are many secluded spots to explore.

To be honest, my pictures really don’t do this place justice, there’s an almost dreamlike quality to the place.

Special thanks to my friend Solar, who gave me the landmark to the farm. He said it’s one of the more special places in Second Life.

After seeing it for myself, I couldn’t agree more.

Farm Boy Jon

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sharp Dressed Man... Kind Of.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m something of a fashion disaster when it comes to dressing myself in Second Life. To illustrate this point, I’ll tell you about the suits I own… um, both of them.

This tan suit I picked up my first week in Second Life. If I remember correctly, I think it was a freebie. But hey, it’s a Ralph Lauren suit, so that makes it cool and fashionable.. right? right? I pretty much wore it to any dressy event I went to.

Fast forward a couple of years. I got asked by a friend of a friend to be a groomsman in an Second Life wedding. In order to participate, I had to get a tux. I didn’t know either the bride or the groom, but I’m a team player, so I pony up the 600L for the tux. Unfortunately, the bride caught the groom getting it on with one of her bridesmaids, so the wedding never happened. I found this to be equal parts tragic and hilarious. (does that make me a bad person?)

So anyway, the tux became my new dressy outfit for formal events and such. Fast forward another couple of years and I decide it’s time to get a new suit. I attend some black tie events regularly now, so it seemed like a good investment.

On the advice of my friend and Landlady extraordinaire McKenna, I march my happy ass down to Hoorenbeek. I immediately like this place because it has “Hoor” in the title. (I’m such a 12 year-old.)
I’m impressed with the stuff there, very good quality and detail in the clothing.

I find a black pin stripe suit I like and make the purchase. I was a little shocked at the price, but upon looking closely at it, I discover you can wear the suit in about 12 different ways. Jacket open, closed, no jacket, belt buckle no belt buckle, sleeves rolled up, ect. There’s even a cool flexie prim tie you can change the color just by clicking on it. When you dance it flies around in a cool, natural way. There were so many options, it actually kind of gave me a headache.

I finally settled on the open jacket, loose collar and loose tie look. I call this the “I just got off work and now I’m ready to do dirty things with dirty people” look.

Part of me is relieved that now I don’t have to worry about being outdated, at least for another couple of years.

New Suit Jon

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Puss N Boots Island

I’ve met some amazing people in Second Life. Two of my favorites are Matilda and LordGrim.

I’ve known them for a couple years now. In fact, it was an offline email from Matilda that got me curious enough to end my break, and come back to Second Life. She sent out a broadcast email telling all their friends that they had opened a new club, so I wanted to check it out…. and I wasn’t disappointed.

Puss N Boots Island is a beautiful beach sim with a club and several other attractions. Dress code is clothing optional or swimwear, and is strictly enforced.

Some of the best musicians in Second Life come here to perform. Tonight there was a live music by artist Erin68 Frog. She has soulful, angelic voice and energetic style.

They have several fun events every week and daily DJ’s spinning tunes and taking requests. There is a well appointed dance floor with the always fun conga line in addition to oversized glasses you can dance on.

A beautiful beach where you can lounge around and catch some rays.  There's also skydiving, and several places you can cuddle with that special someone.

If you enjoy Greedy, they have a great gaming area for playing.

For the more adventurous types, there’s an adult play area where you can make new friends and express your lusty intentions.

Most importantly, Matilda and LordGrim are there, making sure everyone is having a good time.
Check out Puss N Boots Island. It’s a great place to hang out, make friends, and have fun with great people.

Beach Bum Jon