Friday, August 20, 2010

Back Again

There’s something magical about Second Life. It’s real and unreal at the same time. Nowhere else can you skydive, dance, ride horses, go surfing, explore an alien world, and make a new friend… all within thirty seconds of each other.

But as fun and interesting as all these things are, the most magical thing about Second Life is the people. The people keep me coming back, and back, and back again.

I’ve been a Second Life resident since 2005. I’ve taken several breaks from the game for various reasons… pursuing other interests, playing other games, and everyone’s favorite… drama overload. These breaks have lasted from a couple months to over a year, and now I’ve come back again.
I’m constantly amazed by the people I meet. Some living only a few miles away, others living several thousand miles away.

I’m recently back from a year break and once again, SL has worked it’s magic on me. On my first day back, I reconnected with old friends, made some amazing new friends, and found a new home and family on the grid.

In this blog, I hope to share with anyone bored enough to read this… my new journeys and discoveries, both places and people I stumble across in this amazing world.

I’ll see you inworld.

Second Life Jon

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