Thursday, September 2, 2010

Puss N Boots Island

I’ve met some amazing people in Second Life. Two of my favorites are Matilda and LordGrim.

I’ve known them for a couple years now. In fact, it was an offline email from Matilda that got me curious enough to end my break, and come back to Second Life. She sent out a broadcast email telling all their friends that they had opened a new club, so I wanted to check it out…. and I wasn’t disappointed.

Puss N Boots Island is a beautiful beach sim with a club and several other attractions. Dress code is clothing optional or swimwear, and is strictly enforced.

Some of the best musicians in Second Life come here to perform. Tonight there was a live music by artist Erin68 Frog. She has soulful, angelic voice and energetic style.

They have several fun events every week and daily DJ’s spinning tunes and taking requests. There is a well appointed dance floor with the always fun conga line in addition to oversized glasses you can dance on.

A beautiful beach where you can lounge around and catch some rays.  There's also skydiving, and several places you can cuddle with that special someone.

If you enjoy Greedy, they have a great gaming area for playing.

For the more adventurous types, there’s an adult play area where you can make new friends and express your lusty intentions.

Most importantly, Matilda and LordGrim are there, making sure everyone is having a good time.
Check out Puss N Boots Island. It’s a great place to hang out, make friends, and have fun with great people.

Beach Bum Jon

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