Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuneiras West Farm

When you hear the word “farm”, you don’t immediately think, “That sounds like a great place for a romantic getaway.” In most cases you would be correct. But in the case of Tuneiras West Farm, you would be wrong.

To say this sim is beautiful would be an understatement.

Parts of the sim are reminiscent of the places you might find on the back roads of the Texas countryside, minus the mountains in the background. I was particularly reminded of this when looking at the old farm houses that are scattered throughout the sim. To call then abandoned seems too harsh a word. I prefer to think of them as in a state of artistic decay, a natural part of the landscape.

There are several picturesque vistas with a small deck built in, where you can enjoy the view as you dance with that special someone.

Cuddle poses and intan dance balls are scattered throughout the sim, and there are many secluded spots to explore.

To be honest, my pictures really don’t do this place justice, there’s an almost dreamlike quality to the place.

Special thanks to my friend Solar, who gave me the landmark to the farm. He said it’s one of the more special places in Second Life.

After seeing it for myself, I couldn’t agree more.

Farm Boy Jon

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